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Spindl generates vitality

Spindl represents an office lifestyle that keeps you moving even when you are sitting down. How does it work? The concept is really very simple.

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Spindl makes sitting more dynamic, as the mechanism under the seat compels you to adopt a more active posture. Without having to make uncomfortable contortions, you correct your posture using your pelvic muscles and leg muscles. This reduces the risk of physical ailments, improves  READ MORE

Exercise is vital

We all know this. But we think that if we go jogging occasionally or spend an hour in the gym, we are leading healthy lives and are compensating for all those hours spent motionless in a chair every day.

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Of course, any form of exercise is better than nothing, but outside these sporting indulgences just consider how many hours a day we spend in complete inertia, slumped in front of the television, behind the wheel of the car, or glued to the office chair. READ MORE

Tailored adjustment

Dynamic sitting compels the stabiliser muscles in the back and the transverse abdominal muscles to perform their stabilising function.

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The effect is even stronger if the back of the chair is properly adjusted after the ideal balance has been found. The Spindl chairs One, Two and Bull can be adapted to fit your individual sitting position READ MORE

Becoming accustomed

It takes time to get used to this new way of sitting. At first you may even experience muscle pain, as you will suddenly be using muscles when seated that you normally only train at the gym.

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That is how Spindl keeps you fit and healthy, not only during office hours but also after work. After all, if you are more active at work, you will be  READ MORE

  • TNO warns against prolonged sitting

    Prolonged sitting kills you sooner. Sounds dramatic? Well just let sink in for a moment. We already know that too little exercise is bad for you, but recent, international research shows that sedentary behaviour can contribute to early death. Furthermore, there is stark evidence that it can increase the chance of illness. And don't let

  • How does a Spindl procuct work?

    It’s actually quite simple. The construction under the seat (the mechanism being a high-quality German piece of engineering) ensures you are sitting dynamically ,forcing you to sit in a more active stance. Your pelvis is upright , leaving your body balanced and free to work. You can avoid ‘tight’